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Rushed update!

Hey everyone! Whoa, almost an entire year since posting. In case you’re wondering, this Mississippi boy and the New Yorker chick hipster got married in May! Crazy happying ending/beginning, huh? I know I haven’t been on in a while so o will do you all a favor and catch you up on summer shenanigans over … Continue reading

Voice Project Conclusion

On November 19th, 2012, my voice project officially comes to a close. I have learned so much from this experience, and I always enjoy learning from those with differing backgrounds than myself. After having around 30 surveys being taken as well as reference to literature on the matter, I have come to a conclusion. The … Continue reading

Voice Project Entry #3- OC

So, the entry here is dedicated to an engaged student currently finishing up her degree. She is helping establish a constant trend amongst the other entries. What I found interesting is the constant mention of establishing one’s identity before engaging, in well, engagement. Most believe that in order to become successful, academically and relationship wise, … Continue reading

Voice Project Entry #2- LVC

This woman is the sister of a dear friend of mine. She was more than happy to assist me with the project. LVC was actually engaged and married during her undergraduate career. She also became pregnant towards the very end of her program. LVC had almost a 2 year engagement (as opposed to 1) which … Continue reading

Voice Project Entry #1-AJK

Here is a survey that was conducted with Mrs. AJK. She is quite the achiever! This determined and extremely successful person put a lot of things into perspective for me. Although already driven and dedicated to her educational endeavors, she received a greater sense of why acquiring a post-secondary education is important. As far as … Continue reading

Remorse vs. Rejoice

Hm….Feeling kind of useless at the moment. When you’re busy, you’re always seeking a moment of solitude. Now that I have it, I have gotten extremely bored. Bored enough to blog about it. Let’s see, this past year has been filled with much regret and success. I met a rather special person last year. Graduated with my … Continue reading